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Eastern Pro-Shop was established at Tenpin Bowl Katong in 1999.
In 2007, we moved our shop to our current location at Safra Resort Bowl, NSRCC.
For over 20 years, we have been providing customers with the latest in bowling equipment and complete bowling services to match their bowling game.
We are committed to bringing the best in bowling equipment at a competitive price.

James is our Bowling Pro-Shop Operator. Owner of Eastern Pro-Shop, he started drilling bowling balls in 1986.
With over 33 years of bowling ball drilling experience, James specialises in matching bowlers with bowling equipment to suit their bowling needs.
At Eastern Pro-Shop, we strive to provide bowlers with the best bowling equipment possible. We keep up with the latest in ball technologies as they are introduced. This allows us to upgrade our customers’ bowling arsenal and improve their game.
Come down and visit our shop to get your bowling game revamped.
Copyright 2010-2019 Eastern Pro-Shop
All rights Reserved
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